sea turtle preservation society

Emergency Information

As a contributor to the Sea Turtle Stranding and Salvage Network, we answer calls to document both live and dead marine turtle strandings throughout Brevard County. Our stranding team is on call 24 hour a day, 365 day a year.

  • If You Find A Hatchling:
    • Do not put it in water or air conditioning.
    • Do not remove it from the beach.
    • Put it in a container on damp cloth/paper, but PLEASE do not put it in water.
    • Cover with a cloth.
    • Call the Hotline (321) 206-0646 or one of the agencies listed below for further instructions.
  • If You Find An Exposed Nest:
    • Cover with sand if possible.
    • Call one of the agencies listed below.
    • Do not attempt to collect the eggs yourself. Disturbing the nest or eggs could kill the hatchlings.


  • Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
    • (888) 404-3922 (text capable)
  • Any local law enforcement agency.
  • Florida Wildlife Commission Enforcement to report anyone harassing a sea turtle or disturbing a nest.
    • (888) 404-3922 (text capable)
  • Brevard County Code Enforcement. to report suspected lighting violations.
    • (321) 633-2086



Our location

111 South Miramar Avenue

Indialantic, FL  32903

Telephone: 321.676.1701