sea turtle preservation society

Nesting Surveys

Teams conduct nest surveys for conservation on a 4 1/2 mile stretch of Cocoa Beach. Teams walk the beach 7 days a week from May through August. The Team collects data for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, identifying species of sea turtle tracks, false crawls, and nests. After the hatchling emergence period, the Team conducts nest inventories on approximately 25% of the nests to determine the success rate of its eggs.

When turtle nesting season begins, so do our surveys! We will conduct New Volunteer Orientations. It is very important that new Volunteers attend one or the other of these introductions to nesting surveys. The schedule for these orientations will be posted once turtle nesting season starts each year.

The meetings will last about an hour and will be an introduction to what it is that we do on the beach during nesting season.  Please be aware that nesting surveys are conducted early in the morning for several reasons, not the least of which is a requirement of FWC protocols !  When nests begin to hatch we will be doing nest checks during surveys and also occasionally in the late evening.  Nest evaluations are usually done in the evening, or sometimes during the a.m.  If a Volunteer has not attended an orientation, they will be welcomed to attend evaluations, but will not actively participate.

It would be helpful to your understanding of what we do on the beach to also attend one of the various Turtle Talks scheduled in the Spring.



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