Calendar Contest

Calling Photographers!

Sea Turtle Preservation Society is looking for skilled photographers (amateur and professional) for our calendar contest. Our sea turtle calendar will help remind people throughout the year to help sea turtles survive. The calendar will include important sea turtle dates, such as, World Sea Turtle Day, World Oceans Day, Earth Day and so much more. All submissions, including the Photography Permission Form, must be submitted to no later than June 18th, 2021.

Criteria for contest submission are below:

• Photographer’s name, description of image, location and date photo was taken must be included with STPS’s Photography Permission Form.

• Image must be submitted by actual photographer, otherwise written permission for submission must be provided by photographer.

• Image must show sea turtle in a natural setting and follow turtle-friendly guidelines (no flash images of nesting sea turtles, no images of people handling sea turtles, etc.) This also includes no images of turtles in aquariums or rehabilitation centers.

• Email submission can include a small file (JPG preferred), but a high-resolution version of the image must be available for printing if selected.

• A maximum of three photographs may be submitted.

• Photograph submissions only, no artwork.

• Last day to submit photographs is June 18th.

Top 30 photos will be posted on our Facebook account to determine the top 12 with the most “likes”. Winners will then be announced on STPS’s website and social media accounts on June 30th. Each winner will receive 1 free calendar.

By submitting your photos before June 18th, 2021 to, you are granting STPS rights to use your photograph for the Sea Turtle Preservation Society 2022 Calendar and other STPS education initiatives.

For a Permission Form, click here.