Educational Presentations

Educational Presentations

STPS has a mission to help sea turtles survive and educating the public about the threats to sea turtles is an important aspect. Understanding how we impact them and therefore how we can make it a positive impact and not a negative one for the sea turtles is the goal for community inspired action.

Our education team provides educational outreach to all demographics and ages. Educational outreach generally involves an interactive presentation about the sea turtles of Florida, a bit of their nesting biology, threats of sea turtles, and most importantly what EVERYBODY can do to help sea turtles survive. You can request an educational presentation using the form below or by emailing the information to

There are several types of outreach programs and materials that can be provided upon request and/or open to the public throughout the year. Some examples include:

  • Turtle Talk (see calendar)
  • Kid’s Turtle Talk
  • Boating and Fishing talks
  • Sea Turtle Emergency Response (see calendar)
  • Customizable for demographic and time constraints
  • Handouts available
  • Visual aids including sea turtle models, replica skulls, trashy turtle etc.
  • Active or passive participation
  • Literary connections (books or story time)

Since 2016, the STPS Education Center has housed informational posters, brochures and educational displays. Sea turtle related artwork is featured throughout the center from local kids around the state and beyond. In addition, the center contains stations for hands on and interactive education, sea turtle videos, and presentations by reservation for groups of up to 20-25. The center also has real sea turtle artifacts including skulls, carapaces, and other products that STPS is permitted to display. Additional replicas include a life-sized adult green turtle, a sub-adult loggerhead, a juvenile loggerhead, and a juvenile Kemp’s ridley.

Education Center visits are always welcome and our hours are the same as the turtle house—Monday through Saturday from 11AM-5PM (4:30PM during winter months). However, you can request earlier or later time periods for group visits as necessary. In addition, we have experts on hand to provide answers to interview questions via email, video, and visits to the center upon request. At times, Docents will be present during peak traffic times and at the weekends.

We have several educational campaigns that target specific threats to sea turtles and what action we can take to help sea turtles survive. Some of these campaigns include:

  • Lights out
  • Boater’s Awareness
  • Skip the Straw
  • Keep the beaches clean, dark and flat
  • Refuse single use plastics
  • Never release balloons outdoors
  • Hands off hatchlings

We reach more than 30,000 people annually through the various outreach events.

Summer camps, multigenerational groups, retirement groups, fundraising socials, fishing organizations, environmental organizations, English as a second language (ESL) classes, boys and girls’ club, public, private and homeschooled children are just some of the audiences that we have reached in our program. Please see the annual reports for details.