Turtle Trunks

Teachers in Brevard County Only:

The Inwater Research Group created two traveling trunk programs that are a great way to introduce your students to various aspects of sea turtle biology through inquiry-based learning and first-hand experiences.  Each program is contained in a large wheeled trunk that local teachers can borrow at NO COST. Trunks contain all the hands-on materials and lessons teachers will need to introduce their students to the world of sea turtles, and the biologists who study them over the course of four lessons.  Trunks are designed for 3-8th grade classrooms but can be adapted for other grade levels. All lessons align with NGSSS.   Teachers may borrow the program for up to 3 weeks. Pick up location is Sea Turtle Preservation Society Turtle House in Indialantic.  Other locations may be arranged upon request.

Traveling Turtle Trunk

Take your students on a journey through the world of sea turtles as they learn about the different species that call  Florida home.   Students will learn about each species’ characteristics, adaptations, nesting behaviors, and more! Delve into topics such as population sampling and research projects when the classroom becomes a lagoon and the students become turtles. Watch as your classroom becomes a team of scientists tasked with collecting data from real sea turtle models as we discuss the importance of observations.

Darker Skies/Darker Beaches

Introduce your class to the different forms of energy and how they behave while students act as engineers trying to save sea turtles. Using energy as a platform, students will learn about the negative impacts lighting can have on sea turtle nesting and hatching. They will build their own circuit, test conductivity, and harness energy to light an LED bulb. Using the Engineering   Design Process, students must manipulate provided materials to shield this light from the beach and develop a sea turtle-friendly light fixture prototype.

For more information, please email turtletrunks@seaturtlespacecoast.org

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