Update Your Membership Profile

After you created initial membership login, log into your membership account and update your profile at https://seaturtlespacecoast.org/membership/member-profile-update/

Make any corrections needed to email, mailing address, phone number, birthdate (optional), main contact, and add additional family members for family type memberships.

The following items are very important and need to be accurate:

Email is the membership system key field.  Most of STPS communications is done through email.  All member profiles require their own email account that is not shared with another member.  Email is needed for things like renewal invoices, registration for classes/training/meetings, electronic voting for the annual board elections, discounts and more.

Mailing Address is needed to send out new and renewal member welcome packages, which includes a welcome letter, a current membership card and a car magnet.  Welcome packets will go out the month after the new member signup or renewal is purchased.

Please note: New membership cards with updated expiration dates and current car magnets will be sent out each time a membership is renewed.

Main Contact for family type memberships (Family, Contributor, Lifetime, Endowment, Benefactor) must be set for the person who will receive renewal email invoices with a link to make a payment and voting emails to elect board members at the annual elections.

Please note: if there is more than one family member set to “Main Contact” or is not set at all, the system will RANDOMLY send renewal invoices and voting emails to one email address.

For Family Memberships (Family, Contributor, Lifetime, Endowment, Benefactor) please make sure the correct member is set to “Main Contact” as follows:

Click on the “View Profile / Edit Profile” for the record for your family
-You will see an area labeled “Contacts” with a list of the family members we have on file for you.

Click the “Edit” link to the right of a family member to see additional details.
-If that person should be the person to receive communication regarding renewals, make sure “Main Contact” is checked.
-If they should not, make sure the “Main Contact” is not checked
There should only be one contact where “Main contact” is checked

If you need assistance please send and email to membership@seaturtlespacecoast.org