Renewing Membership

Questions about how to renew your membership…

Our membership software will automatically send electronic invoices to members when it’s time to renew. It will send the invoice to the membership “Main Contact” email address.

Do you need to check your membership profile to verify the “Main Contact” info?

If you need to verify or make changes to your membership profile, select the “Membership” drop down in the top menu bar on the website, then select “Member Profile Update” or click here member-profile-update.

Here you will be able to see and edit “Main Contact” and email information. Invoices only go out to the main contact. If no main contact is assigned the software will randomly pick 1 contact from the membership and send to that email.

We value your membership and don’t want you to miss a thing.

Don’t let your membership expire. If the invoice is unpaid by the due date the software will automatically suspend and archive the membership.

Please contact if you are having trouble logging into your membership account, updating you membership profile, or have not received an invoice to renew by your renewal date.