Volunteer Opportunities

We Can Use Your Help!

Below are additional volunteer opportunities not listed under the “Volunteer Information” page. STPS currently needs additional help in these areas.  If you are interested in any of these, the person to contact is listed below the program section or contact Sarah at volunteer@seaturtlespacecoast.org.  


To inquire about these specific vacancies, please contact Susan Skinner at news@seaturtlespacecoast.org.

Calendar Coordinator – The communications team would like to
find a volunteer to get the word out about STPS happenings by
submitting information to local online calendars and websites.

LinkedIn Account Editor – The communication team could use a
volunteer familiar with LinkedIn to manage the STPS account.


To inquire about these specific vacancies, please contact Becky Aud at education@seaturtlespacecoast.org.

Class Coordinator – contact Becky

Education Center Coordinator – work with education director in revamping the center; keep center and back storage/work area clean and organized;  restock literature and other materials; organize, procure and expand on library and museum items; attend monthly meeting; participate as a member of the education committee.

Education Center Team – The education program would like to create a small team to maintain the Education Center at the Turtle House. This would include light cleaning, tidying the displays and hands-on activities, and general upkeep of the center.

Educational Literature Coordinator – organize, inventory, and order all publications handed out by STPS; ensure that all departments of STPS have an adequate number of appropriate publications; disseminate publications to internal departments upon request;  attend monthly meeting; participate as a member of the education committee. 

Educational Presenters – present power point presentations with various organizations and age groups.  In need of presenters for Turtle Talk, Volunteer Orientation, children’s programs, resort talks and others.

Grant Coordinator – assist the education and other directors with researching and writing grants.

Training Coordinator – contact Becky

Turtle Trunk Administrators – help to check our turtle trunks in and out to & from teachers.  

Videographer – assist the education director in creating an STPS video and other educational videos.


To inquire about these specific vacancies, please contact Noelle Villanueva at events@seaturtlespacecoast.org.

Event Assistants – We are looking for up to three volunteers to be event assistants to the Director of Events. The Event Assistant(s) are responsible for representing STPS and its mission at community events. Responsibilities include: Recruit volunteers to help with events, Organize and stock event bins as needed, Organize and stock merchandise for appropriate events, Must be respectful to the Turtle House gift shop store associates when stocking merchandise for events, Communicate with Director of Events regarding what merchandise should be stocked for each event, Help out at events when needed, Communicate with Director of Events regarding any new events, current events or concerns regarding events, Help out with any other event tasks that the Director of Events might need, and To be positive and uplifting to all volunteers.


To inquire about these specific vacancies, please contact Noelle Villanueva at fundraising@seaturtlespacecoast.org

Insurance Advisory Committee:

 We are looking for members with an insurance background to join the newly created Insurance Advisory Committee to periodically review our STPS coverage and options. If you would like to lend your expertise to this committee, please contact Susan at stpschair@seaturtlespacecoast.org.


To inquire about these specific vacancies, please contact Jax Maisto at membership@seaturtlespacecoast.org.

Membership Event Coordinator – this will include setting up member meetups, member day trips, etc. Setting everything up including reserving venues, travel arrangements, and taking the events all the way through.  They would also be required to get volunteers to help which they can have added to VIC but would be responsible for making sure they have enough volunteers just like Noelle does with her events.

Membership Benefits Coordinator – someone to look at our member pricing and make sure we offer the best rates for what we offer, actively search for member benefits we can include in membership, work with businesses, and keep up to date with agreements, etc.

Membership Recruitment/Retention Coordinator – someone to look at membership trends, look for opportunities to grow membership, develop programs to welcome members to STPS, a forum where members can ask questions and voice concerns, find opportunities to make members feel welcome and wanted to continue to be part of this great sea turtle community.

Turtle Krawl:

To inquire about these specific vacancies, please contact Angela Bockelman Lahrman at turtlekrawl@seaturtlespacecoast.org.

TK Volunteer Coordinator – Organize the volunteer opportunities and volunteers for the Turtle Krawl 5k race.

TK Sponsorship Coordinator – oversee, manage, and recruit sponsorships for the Turtle Krawl 5k race.

TK Assistant Sponsorship – Food and Beverage – contact Angela

TK Communications Coordinator – will oversee social media and website assistants. Will coordinate with STPS media person when necessary.

TK Social Media Coordinator  – maintains Facebook and Instagram accounts, might begin YouTube.

TK Website Coordinator – Manage and update the Turtle Krawl website.

Volunteer Program:

To inquire about these specific vacancies, please contact Sarah Tolson at volunteer@seaturtlespacecoast.org.

Volunteer Appreciation Coordinator – The Volunteer Coordinator is
looking for volunteer(s) interested in helping organize and host
volunteer events, gatherings, and tokens of appreciation.

Volunteer Social Media Coordinator – The Volunteer Coordinator is
looking for someone to help manage the Volunteer Instagram and
Facebook accounts.