Volunteer Opportunities

We Can Use Your Help!

Below are additional volunteer opportunities, not listed under the “Volunteer Information” page. In addition to being an STPS Member, you must also be an STPS Volunteer, as these are two separate application processes.  The exception to this is the 5K Turtle Krawl, where are all welcome to assist.   If you are interested in any of these, the person to contact is listed below the program section or contact Louise at volunteer@seaturtlespacecoast.org.  


Education volunteers can help sea turtles in so many ways!  Attending outdoor events can help spread the word about sea turtles and our mission to help in their survival.
If you enjoy speaking to groups – we are always looking for volunteers to take on the role of presenter for groups that request our organization for their groups.
If you are a volunteer and are interested in getting involved in our Education program, please send an email to education@seaturtlespacecoast.org to schedule education training and to set up access to sign up for education events in VIC to start volunteering.

Turtle Krawl:

To inquire about these specific vacancies or how you can help, please contact Cynthia Stinson at turtlekrawl@seaturtlespacecoast.org

Volunteer Program:

STPS is seeking a volunteer to be the STPS Volunteer Coordinator. To enquire about how you can help, please contact the STPS Board at board@seaturtlespacecoast.org.

Monthly Meetings:

Beginning in 2022, STPS meetings are being offered both in-person and virtually. We are in need of some tech-minded volunteers who can be at the meetings andhelp with livestreams and Zoom. The individual will set up the equipment, use the camera to ensure it is on the speaker, and ensure the microphone is used properly.  To inquire about how you can help, please contact volunteer@seaturtlespacecoast.org